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Dr. Michele Ross launched her medical career as a skilled chiropractor 30 years ago, whereupon she founded her private practice in San Diego.

Since 1987, Dr. Ross’ commitment to continual growth and self-development, coupled with her devotion to offering the most healing options to her patients, led her to further formal training in acupuncture and the medicinal use of herbs and essential oils.

Her most recent passion has been to integrate Sound Healing (Acutonics) and the vibrations of the universe into her health care protocols related to stress, neurological, gastrointestinal, respiratory and psycho-spiritual conditions.

Her dedication and devotion, for over three decades,
to healing herself and others, has supported thousands of patients in attaining a healthier mind, body and spirit. Michele’s fundamental philosophy is that happiness, flow, joy, and vibrancy are everyone’s birthright.

Her early training as a competitive gymnast taught her the importance of self-care, discipline and self-love; which led to a lifelong commitment to researching healthy, balanced and sustainable living and aging protocols which she has augmented with integrative healing modalities.

A devout yogini for over 20 years, Michele treats each patient with reverence. She honors individual needs and has the ability to intuitively connect on many levels. This in turn, helps patients connect with themselves, which is where she believes healing truly begins.

Michele is a lover of nature, trees, animals, music and art—all of which keep her connected to her intuitive nature and guide her beloved healing work.


Dr. Ross’ credentials include:

  • Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
    Graduated 1987
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
    Graduated 1998
  • Core Power Yoga Teacher Training
    Completed 2012
  • Anatomy instructor Yoga Teacher Training Pilgrimage of the Heart
    September 2015

Dr. Michele Ross
4907 Morena Blvd #1406
San Diego, CA 92117