Carmen Medina

President & Founder

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As a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, Carmen focuses her life force on serving her client’s psycho-spiritual needs and igniting their fullest potential through her life-changing one-on-one sessions and transformative renewal retreats. She is a spiritual warrior in every sense with love at the core of everything she does. Through her deep understanding of how energy molds and forms our thoughts, body and mind, she uses her combination of healing arts to unlock new pathways in the brain (neuroplasticity), and deep-rooted patterns in order to permanently transmute her client’s emotional and psycho-spiritual constitution.

From her Coronado, California healing space, Carmen Medina oversees the True Heart Healing Alliance. In a parallel life, Carmen is also an internationally renowned consultant in the field of medicine, a published author and accomplished presenter.

As a volunteer, with Just in Time for Foster Youth, Carmen explores the epic Hero’s Journey with JIT’s youth through her training in Jungian Principles.

As a former Commissioned Officer in the United States Public Health Service, FDA investigator, graduate of the Columbia University School of Administrative Medicine and School of Public Health, doctoral student at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and recent Graduate of Rhode Island Core Energetics Academy, Carmen will guide you to higher levels of heart-centered spiritual transformation. Her work with you will unleash your God-given potential and reconnect you to your authentic core. She teaches you to use the infinite power of the universe to re-member and create the life you deserve.

Core Values

As the inspired mother of a Harvard philosophy professor, Carmen’s governing philosophy is:

“Everything is fundamentally energy. When we know this, all of our senses are truly open and there is no need to interpret the world—your full, unlimited potential is available to you. Our work together is designed to permanently remove anything blocking you from your fullest potentiality and your connection to God.”

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Why I Devote My Life Force To This Work

I believe I can only change the world to the extent to which I have authentically changed—the most precious gift I can ever give away is who I have authentically become—I can only offer to others the genuine alchemy that has unfolded in me.

My intellectual and philosophical answers are not enough—I must be the answer. I can only share and speak to the other side of those harrowing journeys that I myself have traversed. While we all begin as wounded healers, only the forgiven can forgive, only the healed can heal; only those who stand daily in need of mercy can offer mercy to others. My life is dedicated to transformation—profound, long-lasting, collective and individual transformation that ultimately leads to transcendence.