All of the healing modalities below
are intended to empower
you to take full responsibility for your health and healing.
Expanded consciousness will change
your physical reality—it will release great
powers of creativity and new ways of being.

Know Thyself” – Delphic maxim

Core Energetics (CE)

CE promotes inner healing by focusing on the flow and balancing of energy between mind, body, emotions, spirit, and your personal will in order to cultivate a more authentic, joyful and loving YOU.
This tried & tested therapeutic process assumes a person’s intrinsic qualities reflect universal qualities of love, wisdom, serenity and power—enabling a qualified CE practitioner to support the individual’s evolution toward greater expression of these innate qualities.

Heart-centered Hypnotherapy

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy differs from the usual hypnotherapy in that it focuses on uncovering and eliminating deep-seated patterns that have caused separation between you and your brilliant core. This unique type of hypnotherapy begins with the heart and other key energy centers throughout the body and mind. With the client fully aware of her surroundings, brain-balancing music is used to relax and open the heart and mind to new possibilities of Being. Permanent, alchemical transformation often results; coupled with a deep sense of inner peace and emotional freedom.

Subtle / Gross / Casual Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing uses advanced energy techniques to liberate and integrate the various layers and levels of energy surrounding your human electromagnetic field. When the energetic imbalances are corrected, your creative energy is free to flow and inspire your life in ways that can fulfill your heart’s yearnings and expose more of your core essence. Everything is energy—balancing your own energetic field results in better health, greater awareness of and connection to your surrounding world. There is no limit to the amount of light you can pull down, through and out of your being.

Orion Method (OM)

OM is an integrative healing method that unites the cosmic pulse of the Orion Nebula with your body’s natural capacity to modulate energy. With the use of Core Energetics, Scalar laser technology, tuning forks, crystals and ancient archetypal patterning, OM offers you an opportunity to permanently eliminate energetic blocks that separate you from your innate light and love. OM increases your ability to integrate the infinite, ever-flowing, and over-flowing power of our cosmos in ways that will meaningfully fuel your own life.

This particular protocol uses the Kabbalistic Tree of Life model as a map of cosmic and psycho-spiritual reality. OM focuses on expanding your ability to bridge your energetic field to that of the cosmic dimension and higher spiritual worlds in order to expand the manner in which you perceive reality and ultimately use your energy to heal yourself and the world.

Inner Bonding Therapy

Using Jungian principles, IB is a form of heart-centered, psycho-spiritual therapy aimed at restoring the relationship between you and all aspects of your inner child—the joyful and innocent, as well as, the wounded and neglected. Reconnecting the best parts of your loving adult-self with your lonely and wounded inner-child often results in a permanent integration of your soul—a re-membering of all those brilliant parts of yourself you were forced to leave behind.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Gentle manipulation of skull, soft tissue, and spinal cord.

Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which consists of burning dried mugwort on particular points on the body.