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Our Vision & Mission

It is through love that we transform…that we render ourselves one with the universe…love is the one thing we all yearn for…True Heart Healing promises to bring you closer to love.

At the core of your being is a point of sacred grounding which is untouched by your distorted illusions; a point of pure truth, a brilliance which belongs entirely to God, and which is always available to you through self love and unitive consciousness.

Our mission is to support you in accessing and expanding this brilliant core of absolute purity…it is the essence in you that no one can destroy or diminish.

Through private, one-on-one sessions, our combination of transformative, psycho-spiritual healing modalities teach you to ground yourself in this fertile ground in order to become someone in whose presence others are also grounded.

In addition, our thoughtfully planned retreats—hosted in a special corner of the world, Coronado—offer participants a time for experiencing God. Our time together ensures you set aside your daily demands and dedicate uninterrupted time to contemplation, prayer, meditation, reflection and lectio divina (sacred reading).

Add to that our team of trusted psycho-spiritual and medical practitioners, ocean air, healthy food, dynamic group exercises, laughter, learning, and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable, life-enhancing experience.

We are devoted to expanding your heart’s capacity to heal yourself and the soul of the world. Tikkun Olam.

The Elements of Transformation


Open Yourself

Learning to live by love requires an expansion of your gratitude, inner peace, and reverential awareness of love’s infinite power; moreover, cultivating strong, meaningful, and authentic relationships is essential to your joy and healing. True Heart Healing inspires you to do both in order to create a truly rewarding personal and professional life.

Revelation is the highest form of learning: Our healing techniques deepen your awareness of the true nature of your being—your core essence is greater than your trauma and more powerful than the thoughts and patterns that have arisen from that trauma.


Believe God Can

We believe the deepest learning happens when we nurture and awaken all aspects of ourselves. True Heart Healing is a place designed to encourage this process to unfold in each of us—on relational, emotional, somatic, intellectual, and spiritual levels.

Transformation leads to transcendence, where life is fully and authentically experienced through the infinite love of God—your life is a journey of discovering and experiencing this manifestation of God in all you do, think, say, feel and expect.


Accept Your Healing

Profound and permanent transformation await…a joyful heart, healthy body and peaceful mind are your true inheritance. We’re not always going to be happy; but we can always be grateful and peaceful in our hearts. True Heart Healing provides the tools and the sacred space in which to transform and transcend any circumstance you may be facing.

Illness begins with disruptions and imbalances in your energy system; dissociated energy resulting from trauma; but energetic patterns can be changed, eliminated and permanently healed.