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Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan attributes the healing of her throat and restoration of her voice to Scalar Wave energy. She was so impressed with the benefits she shares a video testimonial on

L.G, 42 yr. old Female

Carmen’s combined therapies have given me renewed life. I feel so much lighter and stronger after just two sessions of Core Energetics and the sound / light healing.

Even my chiropractor noticed a difference in my body structure and muscle tension.

T.C, 39 yr. old Male

The first session was mind-blowing. I never expected to feel such relief in my lower back. I came for pain management but have received so much more. I have had three sessions and don’t think I need to return: my pain is gone along with the associated anxiety. She is very generous with her time and discounted her price for me.

T.A, 67 yr. old female

A friend referred me to Carmen in 2018; I only went twice but have felt so much better ever since. I was an emotional wreck after my husband of over forty years died. She used the lasers, sound, and hypnotherapy in each session; however, each session was very different. Her treatments helped me relax, cope with my grief and truly feel peaceful inside. I started to sleep better after first session.

J.K, 43 yr. old female

Thank God for this therapy. I was in a terrible work-related accident and nearly bed-ridden for several months. My body was suffering from inflammation for which I’d been prescribed several medications. Carmen used the lasers on my body and all over my head. After several sessions I was able to stop the medication, which gave me very bad side effects, and started gentle exercise. She really coached me back to health with flower essences and theta healing.

A.B, 52 yr. old Female

I was starting to develop arthritis in my hands; my fingers were stiff. After several sessions of with the lasers and Carmen’s mixed therapies I felt better and could start painting again. Her approach to healing is masterful. I will never forget is her compassion and kindness—I felt so safe and secure in her hands.

L.D, 47 yr. old Female

Still cannot believe the differences in me. I have been bi-polar for most of my life and never understood why. I tried everything prescribed to me without success. I have been seeing Carmen on and off for two years and I don’t need meds anymore. Every day I use the flower essences and follow a diet she recommended. I can’t explain all that she does, just know it helped me cope with stress without drugs. I sleep better too, which I didn’t before.

R.N, 43 yr. old Male

There are difficult families; then there are really difficult families. I am the eldest in a large and challenging family. After several sessions with Carmen I started to feel more comfortable around them. I am definitely more accepting and patient with my five siblings. I have tried different types of therapy, but the combination of things Carmen did really changed me. My mind is calmer.

B.F, 27 yr. old Female

I came to see Carmen because we both live in Coronado and go to the same gym. She always seemed so chill…I wanted some of that. After our initial session I started to experience an incredible spiritual opening. After the second session, I had several insights that led me to leave my job and follow my dreams. My energy level has soared and I believe in my potential like never before.

S.T, 33 yr. old Female

I have had chronic lyme disease for the past three years, probably longer. I found that the sessions with Carmen have slowly given me some improvement: my body feels stronger, my head is clearer and I sleep better. She works on my head with the lasers…I also use three flower essences.

B.Y. 29 yr. old Female

As a long time yoga teacher I’m committed to sorting out my relationship issues. Carmen’s ability to guide me through my childhood trauma and work out my anger using Core Energetics and archetypal re-patterning changed my life. She asked me to buy a doll that reminded me of me as a child…this was weird at first, but that doll has become so precious to me…when I tell her “I got you” my self-love expands. My yoga students noticed the change in me. Carmen is very quick to sort through the muck and pinpoint what needs attention and love.

M.H, 47 yr. old Male

I am a retired Navy Seal who will remain anonymous. My work with Carmen has saved my life. The first thing she said to me was “Are you willing to fight for your life with the same fierceness you fought with for this country?” I thought, ‘I came to the right place.” I had PTSD for years, tried different treatments but nothing really helped. Our heart-centered hypnotherapy, Core and sound & light healing sessions restored my entire being. It took a few visits but I am a new man.

A.S, 33 yr. old Female

Carmen is a divine being! That’s all I can say. Our three sessions were magical. I am healed of serious childhood trauma…can finally get on with my life.

V.H, 23 yr. old Female

My acting teacher told me I needed to speak with someone. He also recommended I try yoga. Carmen’s website seemed interesting so I tried her. Her mixed therapies really helped me. My heart is more open…I feel safer in the world. My acting is waaay better. Can’t explain what she does…it just works.

S.P, 30 yr. old Female

I am so grateful to Carmen and her heart-centered approach. I don’t believe in therapy but she does something so different and powerful. My life is better because of her. She is truly a loving and caring therapist.

R.T, 72 yr. old Male

Carmen combines so many different modalities…she is very knowledgeable about medicine, healing and life in general. My wife and I love her!

B.W, 75 yr. old Male

I travel from Canada twice a year for a customized weekend retreat with Carmen. She has an acupuncturist work on me while she applies the laser light to the needles. I am the healthiest, most vibrant 75 year-old I know because of our intense weekends. Hope to keep seeing her 30 more years!