Core Energy Therapy

What is Core Energy Therapy?

CET works on all of your energetic fields:

    • Your subtle energy centers, often referred to as chakras, but not limited to those seven areas along your body
    • Your electromagnetic or auric field which emanates from your entire body
    • Your gross energy field which encompasses your physical body localized in space-time
    • Your causal energetic field, which transcends space-time and is closest to divine energy and cosmic creation

Core Energy Therapy stimulates inner awakening along with stabilization of all your energetic fields—establishing a lasting foundation for healing and amazing physical and psycho-spiritual health.

CET realigns you to your highest frequency by working first on your causal energy field to transmute your subtle and gross energy fields. With each session you will dissolve density, release blocks, and purge anything that is an impediment to your psycho-spiritual growth.

CET is a purging and purification process enabling you to hold higher energetic frequencies as you dissolve the density.