Orion Method (OM)

What is Orion Method (OM)?

The ultimate goal of Orion Method is to expand your awareness and clarity enabling you to go beyond your five senses through Quantum Catalyst Healing.

  • This is achieved through a combination of Sound and Light Therapy for Beta /Theta states of consciousness

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave refers to men confined to a cave; whose only reality was that which was cast onto the cave wall by fire. In other words, for one reason or another, we have all limited our capacity to see, perceive, and experience life fully.

Socrates also spoke of the limitations of our senses; urging us to “Use our intellects for absolute justice, beauty and good—all qualities dimly lit by our five senses.” I believe he refers to intellect in its highest form, which includes intuition, wisdom, revelation and the collective sacred brain.

Our world is far more than we can see: We are frequency beings composed of energetic fields affected by everything around and inside us. Every cell in your body has an electromagnetic field that can be affected by light and other forms of energy.